Welcome to Kidz Can H.Q. Australia’s Most Comprehensive Children’s Development Program and Birthday Party venue. Kidz Can is a magical, fun-filled environment where you will get to experience A LITTLE BIT OF EVERYTHING!

Our kids activities include an amazing range of educational toys, music and movement sessions, a large and extensive gross-motor activity zone which includes swinging, climbing, jumping, rolling and free play, art and craft, story and snack & SO MUCH MORE!!

We provide classes for kids from 8 months- 4 years, activities ranging from 45mins - 1.5 hours depending on age.

Come and experience our fantasy land where children learn to believe in themselves, actively socialize, participate in team experiences, explore their body strengths and abilities, share dedicated one on one time with their parent/carer, and leave exhilarated asking each morning “Can I go to Kidz Can?”